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GRBOR February Membership Luncheon
Wednesday, February 22 | 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Date: February 22nd, 2023
Time: Registration: 11:30 am | Luncheon: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Location: TBD
Cost: Members: Free | Non-Members: $40
Speaker: Dr. Michael Flueckiger

Dr. Michael Flueckiger, retired emergency medicine doctor was the medical director of Phoenix Air, a company that specializes in medical evacuations, traveled to North Korea to rescue Otto Warmbier. Warmbier was an American student that was arrested and tortured for stealing a propaganda poster from a hotel.

North Korean authorities sentenced Warmbier to 15 years of hard labor. What happened to him after that isn't clear. He remained imprisoned for 17 months before he was flown home to Cincinnati for medical treatment. By then, doctors said Warmbier had suffered a severe neurological injury. Warmbier, 22, died just days after being returned to the U.S.

February Membership Luncheon
Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023 | 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Please join us Wednesday September 7th for our Membership Luncheon for the Greater Rome of REALTORS®!

REALTOR® Days at the Dome Legislative Conference
REALTORS® Property Resource

RPR will provide NAR’s REALTOR® members access to a national database of robust information which will give REALTORS® the greatest access to nationwide property information needed to best serve their clients and customers. RPR is a parcel centric system which will aggregate all available data sets and attach them to a property, including tax assessment and public record information, notice of default, REO, foreclosure and pre-foreclosure data, MLS/CIE-provided information, zoning, liens, permits, school districts, flood plain maps, demographics and much more.

CARES Act FAQs - Updated September 10

NAR’s Federal Advocacy team has been working closely with Congress and the Administration to ensure the interests of REALTORS®, their families, consumers, and the entire real estate industry are protected in any federal action in response to COVID-19.

REALTOR® Safety Matters for Commercial Professionals
Real Estate, Safety, and You

While the most publicized physical attacks on real estate agents have involved residential agents, commercial agents are equally at risk. Additionally, it’s important to remember that not all safety and security risks are external.

Safety Webinars
Real Estate, Safety, and You

NAR is scheduling new webinars on REALTOR® Safety throughout the year, presented by safety experts.

Introducing GAR's Newest Member Service: The Legal Helpline

The Legal Helpline is a FREE service for Georgia REALTORS® which will help you with questions regarding contract forms, ethics/arbitration, and license law. Additionally, members may inquire about basic legal questions.

GAR Forms: How to find your NRDS #

As a reminder, the requirements to use the GAR Forms have changed and only REALTORS® members will be allowed to continue using the forms at no cost. In order to access the GAR Forms as a member for FREE, you must enter your National REALTOR® Database System ID (NRDS #) to confirm your REALTOR® membership.

If you do not already know your NRDS #, you may access your NRDS number at

How to look up a Law, License Law, Rule or Regulation
From the Georgia Real Estate Commission

On occasion there is need to clarify the use of a legal term or review a license law as it relates to a specific situation. Sometimes there is no clear right or wrong answer and the advice of legal counsel is necessary. However there are times when a specific reference to a license law or other law may set the record straight and resolve a confusing situation.

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